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Gum Boils: What are they? What can you do about them? How do you treat and prevent them?

What Are Gum Boils?

Gum boils can be a really painful experience that is often accompanied by a severe tooth ache. They appear when an abscess beneath the tooth in the root becomes infected because the nerve of the tooth is dying. The medical term for gum boils is: parulus. It literally means drainage point. Gum boils form because as the root of the tooth becomes infected, there is no room for the infection to drain, and the root becomes filled with white blood cells that are attacking the infection that have nowhere else to go. The abscess will usually exit on the side of the gums so that the root and the infection can drain, which creates a gum boil that looks much like a canker sore, but that is actually the body trying to combat the infection in the dying tooth. Gum Boils
Gum Boils  

Risks of Gum Boils

Gum boils are usually be accompanied by a mild to severe tooth ache, which is generally caused by the pressure in the tooth that is created from infection building up with nowhere to drain. Gum boils are not something that should be left unattended, as they represent a serious medical condition and infection that could easily spread to other parts of the face or the body. If you notice gum boils, make an appointment to see your doctor or dentist right away. They will be able to drain most of the infection and relieve the pressure and pain, and get you started on a daily regiment of antibacterial medications so that your body can effectively eradicate the infection from inside of your mouth. Often, after the infection has cleared up, you will need to undergo a procedure called root canal therapy to treat the infected tooth, followed by being fitted for a crown on the tooth post surgery. Even if the antibiotics treat the infection initially, it’s imperative that you get the tooth treated as soon as possible, as the infection is likely to return.

Gum Boils Signs & Symptoms

There can be several indicative signs and symptoms of gum boils. Sometimes they are confused with canker sores or with fever blisters or cold sores, which can look similar in appearance, but that are not actually gum boils. Gum boils usually are accompanied by extreme pain and pressure in the root of the teeth, as they are caused by an abscess in the teeth and an infection in the root of the tooth that has nowhere else to escape but from the sides of the gums. They look like white, raised boils that are filled with pus, or white blood cells, that are combating the infection in the root of the tooth.

Classic Signs & Symptoms of Gum Boils:

Cost to Treat Gum Boils & Treatment Options

The following graph (below) can demonstrate to you how much it costs to treat gum boils. Typically, an endodontic procedure known widely as root canal therapy has to be administered, where the infected root is cleaned out and disinfected, and then filled with biometric materials in the canals to prevent future infection. Since the procedure is very specialized, it’s often not cheap. And even if you have dental insurance, it can still cost you a significant amount of money out-of-pocket.

Home Based Treatments & Natural Remedies for Gum Boils?

Home based treatments and natural remedies for gum boils are not widely recommended, as this condition represents a serious medical condition where the root of the tooth is already severely infected and is dying. There are home based remedies and treatments that can prevent gum boils from appearing, but the best method is through proper daily oral health care and frequent dental visits to ensure prominent tooth health. If you suffer from gum boils, it is highly advised that you seek immediate medical attention so that you can get the infection drained and repair the dying tooth. The infection, when left untreated, can also spread to the rest of your body, and since it’s near your brain and other major organs on your face, you should be very proactive and progressive in your swift approach to dealing with this problem. Proper and daily oral health care will work to prevent most gum boils from ever appearing.

Our Recommendation

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